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When a Customer calls you and is asked to hold, what will they hear?
Silence? A radio station?….Why? Now, for just $99 per fully produced program tape you can have a professionally produced on hold marketing tape that not only thanks your callers for holding, but also gives them important information about your products and services!
What does the $99 include?
The completed program ready to play! It includes the writing of the script, all music licensing fees, announcer talent fees, production and formatting of your marketing program.
Will this work on my current phone system?
Almost every business phone system that has a "HOLD" button can use this unique marketing service! Most phone systems have a plug (back in the phone room) for "background music" or "MOH". If you can not see it on your main phone system panel, it may be hidden. Please consult your owners manual or ask your phone vendor to help you. Remember, though, if you can currently play a radio over your phone system today, you are ready to go!
What Hardware do I need?
We recommend a digital on-hold player that is easy to use and hooks into your telephone system with just one (1) cord. The machine also includes a removable USB thumb drive. Once your program is complete, we will email it to you as an .MP3 attachment and you can just download and start using right away.

Don’t worry; we will always include step-by-step instructions on how to get the file onto your removable USB drive. It’s very simple and should take less than five (5) minutes.

If you don’t have a business phone system and are using plug and play phone units (like they sell at Office Depot), we can also help! Mention it to us and we can find adaptors and equipment that make your small business sound amazing
I like the idea, how do we get started?
We can get started right now! If you still have questions click EMAIL US and we will get back with you right away, or call us at 888-546-3949. You can submit information about your business in the ORDER NOW or Veterinary Sections and we will contact you while we get started on your customized script.

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